Saturday, April 17, 2010

it's nothing..dont take it serious if it wasn't 'u'


sori, i was just gasping here n there..
telling u what, i am gonna miss my previous moments with many people..
i think there's no other way dat i'll feel the same towards them..
yes, they changed..they seeked for the better but they dont get into the changes..
it doesnt just suit them..

and..what do i am really wishing for is to give the best in this kinda so-called-'ship' thing..

i am so missing my moments before..
damn much!

i keep thinking bout the pasts..
while walking, studying, napping and bedding..
yes, people say dat it doesnt make me becoming something..who cares..???
i wish to have those moments..
to be present in where do i belong now..

those moments : all moments when did i experience before..

i belong to the wrong place i think..
where should i land actually?

hmmm...but there are A FEW of acceptance...
to take me on their sides..

i just dont get why must they behave such annoying way..
i can see the meaning of dat smile, laughs, cheers..
it's the F word !

i should know and notice about this..
that u guys wear the apron of it..only!
i hoped 'it' was your cloth..i mean, us..
but.. hmmm...

i'll lend against my those previous moments to keep standing over the waves...


this isn't a poem, nor a copycat from any sites..
i hv just expressed my feelings to make me free..
and it works in this way...hope the readers dont mind..

there's no joke bout this..just wanna say dat life is not as u wished for..
life is what u living for..and u lie down the lies from the liars - 'incomplete' mankind..

it is a madness of horror if u keep acting that way..!!!
u = mirror urself, if u see blackish spot at ur is u dat i am talking about, here..
it is reminded to use the mirror of dignity...... chapter is looks more to come and to go...~

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